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There is a time when evolution is happening in the consulting industry in the respect of how projects are managed and deployed in the cloud computing era.

Most professional services firms are still using and offering the traditional way for Project Management Governance. Initially created as a group of software development methods based on iterative and incremental development, Agile methodology becomes more present in various industries, nowdays being used by PM’s from Software Development companies up to PM’s from Banking.

Blue Lab consultants are experienced in performing Agile implementations using the Scrum method. We can help your teams and Scrum Masters get up to speed quickly: you will see results in the integration of technology with business processes within the first two or three (2-4 week) iterations, and immediate productivity is no exception.


  • Coaching
  • Team Services
  • Enterprise Agile Adoption

Agile project management and coaching will have a key role in bridging the transition from waterfall to an "agile enviroment".