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Culture and Change Management

Change Readiness Assessment

  • Documents your organizational climate in terms of its culture, its history with change/transformation initiatives, and its resistance to change.
  • Usage of a series of series of diagnostic tools to determine your organization’s readiness for a successful transformation effort.
  • Stakeholder interviews and surveys to gather information related to attitudes and behaviors.
  • Structuring a specific Change Management Action Plan that will support your organization’s transformation.

Change Management Action Plan

  • Defines the transition path from the old way of doing business to the new one.
  • Joint effort to develop specific action steps that will help mitigate the impact of the change management issues for each area of concern identified in the Change Readiness Assessment.
  • Documented communication.
  • Inclusion of performance measurements that will be used to determine the impact the changes are having on the organization’s strategic performance.

Change Monitoring & Reinforcement

  • Monitor change progress by performing periodic reviews of the change initiatives identified in the Change Management Action Plan to confirm that the transition is moving along as planned.
  • Based of the review conclusions, if needed, initiate actions required addressing the issues so change efforts do not falter.
  • Our change reinforcement services that support cultural acceptance include mentoring and coaching, workshops and training.