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Resource Optimization

Organizational Skills Identification

  • Uncover the skills, roles, and resources that currently reside within the organization.
  • Development of categorization structure that will facilitate resource allocation decisions across the organization.

Resource Planning & Forecasting

  • Set up your initial resource management database tied to project priorities.
  • Perform resource estimates (including resource loading and leveling) against your resource limitations.
  • Run “what if” scenarios that factor in new initiatives relative to resource impact and availability.
  • Recommending the appropriate actions that will bring the most value and cost savings to the organization.

PMO Structure & Staffing

  • Determination of the organizational structure and proper staffing mix for your PMO.
  • Determine how many project managers and support staff you need to execute projects effectively, assess the competency of your project managers, build professional development programs, encourage a project management culture, develop job descriptions, and delineate roles and responsibilities.