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 Project Management Maturity Advancement

Project Management Maturity Assessment

  • Evaluation of the current project delivery capability and project management maturity level.
  • Determine if the current maturity level is appropriate for your organization.
  • Establish your future level possible to be achieved, and the targeted areas in which your investments should be focused in order to advance.
  • The appropriate target level of maturity varies for each organization based on specific goals, strategies, resource capabilities, scope, and needs

Improvement Plan

  • Develop specific recommendations and a sequenced roadmap that provides realistic milestones for short and long-term process improvement activities.
  • Ensure that the plan also addresses change enablers that will help overcome cultural barriers.

Ongoing Support to Deploy The Plan

  • Provide guidance and implementation support to quickly deploy the improvement recommendations.

PM Maturity Re-assessment

  • Evaluate the success of the performed improvements in order to highlight advancements that have been achieved.
  • Perform an abbreviated maturity assessment and compares the newer findings with your baseline maturity level.
  • Review of the re-assessment results against your original improvement plan.
    • New and/or supplemental recommendations are provided to reflect current business priorities and areas of focus for further progression.