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Consists in a Blue Lab Consulting proprietary pack of three services designed to improve your company efficiency and effectiveness by process optimization approach, irrespective the level of formalization of the processes. The components may be implemented on a stand-alone basis or in any combination.

What Blue LEAN ™ is:

  • Systematic approach in waste reduction, based on Customer centricity philosophy;
  • Flexible pack of services with proven results, in different industries (financial, FMCG, energy, IT, production, pharma ...);
  • Non-invasive method to optimize the way of doing business, process by process;
  • Excellent occasion to map your processes and to increase internal capabilities;

What Blue LEAN ™ is not:

  • Simple cost cutting exercise;
  • Wizard that solve any problem;

Key characteristics of Blue LEAN ™:

  • At least 10% - 20% financial impact per any process optimization iteration, either cost saving or cost avoidance or supplementary revenue;
  • Short time between start and roll-out of optimized process – between 4 and 6 weeks;
  • Flexible payment, at your convenience: fix cost or percent from first year financial savings results or combination;

Why now? ... Because wasting time and resources is not profitable and because any improvement in delivering to the final customer what, when and how he want may make the difference to your competitors.

Why Blue Lab Consulting? ... Because we believe in it and we have strong experience to do it successfully and we are willing to transfer the know-how and support your people to do it on a continuous basis from now on.