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Blue Lab Consulting and Templepan Security Systems Ltd provides Counter-surveillance solutions.

Established in 1972, Blue Lab Consulting partner since 2014, Templepan are respected industry leaders providing a comprehensive security service to corporate organisations worldwide.

As former UK military specialists in electronic counter-surveillance, Templepan clients include leading blue-chip organisations in banking, finance and industry worldwide.

  • "Modern eavesdropping techniques are global, highly efficient and many listening devices are now using mobile phone devices which are legal to use and difficult to locate."
  • "Are you sure your meeting rooms and offices are free from hidden transmitting devices?"

As eavesdropping is fast becoming the 'new route' to obtaining corporate advantage, Blue Lab Consulting believes that all companies will be the subject of eavesdropping during sensitive negotiations, and therefore electronic counter-measures should be considered as an essential routine procedure.



Engineer analysing R.F. signals

Electronic Counter Surveillance

Non-Linear junction detection equipment in use

Graph showing bug detection

Computer generated R.F. spectral analysis plot