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Project Management Office

Deploying a New PMO

  • PMO deployment includes:

    • Developing the PMO Charter and communications plan;
    • Identifying resource needs and performance measures;
    • Incorporating the right amount of repeatable delivery processes to fit your culture;
    • Improving the competencies of your staff through training and mentoring, and establishing governance standards.
  • The ultimate goal is to provide a functional PMO providing an organizational focus on improving the management of projects, programs, and portfolios.

Operating a PMO

  • If project management is not a core competency or if your company face challenges like M&A, operations expansion or post integration phases, you might consider outsourcing or co-sourcing the PMO;
  • Blue Lab Consulting works in partnership with you to understand your goals and establish a structure that works to achieve these goals. We come equipped with a customizable toolkit of proven techniques and methodologies to plan, execute, monitor, measure, analyze, and report on your programs and projects within the PMO's oversight;
  • Our proprietary Risk Assessment framework will help you to have the end to end overview of the risks that can affect your projects portfolio and also a clear response strategy for identified risks. Constant communication between the PMO team and stakeholders is crucial to success and a core tenet of our PMO operating model..
  • Our PMO team can work onsite at your location, remotely at one of our secure facilities, or a combination of the two depending on your needs. We will give you the confidence that your PMO operations will achieve their stated objectives and run seamlessly.

Enhancing an Existing PMO

  • The enhanced PMO balances and manages the demand on resources. In many organizations, the PMO takes on the role of advocate of business unit needs. PMO's offering this level of service governs with a senior management focus on strategic issues and facilitates and manages change across the organization.
  • We will:
    • Review and evaluate the existing PMO structure and current functions to recommend targeted enhancements that will show results quickly;
    • Provide a transformation roadmap to expand the level of PMO services and organizational influence by addressing the following areas: overall visibility and influence of the PMO, level of PM competency, portfolio resource optimization, demand management of both project and operations work, and facilitating organizational change.